Sunday, October 22, 2006

Burj-Al-Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE

When a friend of you explains you he will stop in a hotel for the night, you can build a mental image of what the building may look. Wether this hotel is located in large city, it could be a whole skyscraper, or just a small house lost in the suburbs.

However, when this friend precises that this hotel is in Dubai, in the Middle East, then all you might have imagined up to there seems inappropriated. A hotel? In the desert? Well then, it must be closer to a tent than to a skyscraper, huh? Well, in fact, not exactly.

And when you've finally accepted the idea that this hotel may be one of the greatest buildings on the Earth, and that its design as well as its place -- litterally "on" the sea -- are unbelievable , then you're still far from the reality.

Get ready, keep your hand on your mouse, and open your eyes !

Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Coordinates: 25° 8' 28" North, 55° 11' 6" East

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